GLITCHERS: The Last Eden

The Last Eden

The Last Eden is a unique first-person photography game set in the lush rainforests of the Congo Basin. You will learn to read the forest environment and track local wildlife aided by futuristic tech and guided by real-life experts in the field.

With a sentient AI intelligence and an array of cutting-edge gadgets at your disposal, you will get up-close and photograph the spectacular animals native to this wilderness such as the Gaboon Viper, the Western Lowland Gorilla, the African Forest Elephant and the elusive Black Panther. Investigate plants, animal markings and interesting artefacts to build up your knowledge about their habits and importance in the forest ecosystem.

What they say

"Earning recognition from the UK Games Fund for The Last Eden is a tremendous honour. This award empowers us to expand beyond dementia awareness (with projects like Sea Hero Quest) and delve into the captivating world of biodiversity.

"The Content Fund's support allows us to make three crucial hires, which will significantly amplify our impact on biodiversity conservation and strengthen our position when negotiating with key partners."

Maxwell Scott-Slade