Lucky Mountain Games: Heroes of Forever

Heroes of Forever

Heroes of Forever is a fast, fun and infinitely expandable arcade style shooting game that takes inspiration from Light Gun games and adds VR based gameplay and modern elements such as co-op multiplayer for maximum replay value.

As an agent working for Time Enforcement Command (TEC for short), an organization that specializes in maintaining order in the multiverse, you are tasked with confronting a corruption that is sowing chaos across space and time. You must leap through dimensions and timelines to stop these crises from altering history forever by blasting enemies as fast as possible.

Of course, all missions come with risks: You’ll have to dodge oncoming barrages of enemy fire to ensure your survival and discover ways to interact with the environment around you to complete levels successfully. If you have a competitive side and a burning desire to scale the scoreboards, you’ll have to creatively use your surroundings to maximize your high score in record time.

With non-stop, heart-pounding combat sequences, you may want to call some reinforcements to aid you in your missions – we’re happy to reveal that Heroes of Forever will have a multiplayer mode with support for up to four-player co-op.

What they say

"The UKGF Content Fund will allow us to add more player focused features to our online multiplayer modes. This will give our players and community an amazing multiplayer experience they will keep coming back to!"
Trevor Ley