Silent Games

Ziggurat (Working Title)

Ziggurat (Working Title) is a complex, challenging, feature-rich, Action RPG about transcendental revelation.

Explore a colossal monolith built by a lost civilisation filled with danger and ancient secrets to uncover the extraordinary truth of its true divine purpose.

Silent Games is based in Newcastle Upon Tyne in the UK and was founded in 2018 by Sally Blake and Joseph Rogers, two former Ubisoft developers. Having spent many years as part of successful teams delivering major AAA Titles, the goal now is to build a studio with a specific focus on high-quality, complex RPGs with asynchronous multiplayer.

Our close-knit team is made up of veterans from AAA, indie and publishing.

What they say

"The UKGF has had a huge impact on the future of Silent Games with this funding. It will help us reach the maximum potential with this title and potentially unlock further funding. With this grant, we also intend to hire, which is a great position to be in particularly in the current climate, and will set us up for success for future projects."
Sally Blake