Singer Studios: Trailblazer

Trailblazer: The Adventure of Mrs Benz

Developed by the multi-award winning Singer Studios, Trailblazer: The Adventure of Mrs Benz immerses players in the story of Bertha Benz. An adventure game unlike any other, you’ll step into the shoes of a woman who revolutionised travel as we know it.

This critically acclaimed VR adventure narrative game has premiered at festivals around the world including Venice Film Festival (2022), SXSW (2023) Sheffield Doc Fest (2023) and was nominated for The Three Lions Award.

Speaking about the game, director Eloise Singer says: “I was compelled to tell this story of a determined woman who revolutionised travel. VR allows her journey to be experienced first-hand, giving the viewer an opportunity to see the world through the eyes of an incredible pioneer.”

What they say

"The UK Games Fund has propelled our vision of immersive storytelling forward. We're passionate about creating story worlds that transcend traditional mediums. The funding will enable us to tell pioneering stories of female innovators like Bertha Benz who's vision for the future has shaped the course of history.

Telling this story through a VR game truly brings the narrative to life, allowing the player to undergo her struggles, relive her journey and experience her vision of showcasing the first car to the world.

We're excited to not just be telling stories; but giving players an opportunity to relive history in a modern, immersive way."

Eloise Singer