Size Five Games

Unannounced Project

Size Five Games is one of the country’s longest-standing indie developers, and we’re delighted to be working on an unannounced 2D animated adventure, which will be eventually available on as many formats as we can manage.

The game features crazy high sci-fi concepts presented in our typical irreverent, rude-and-breathless fashion. It’s our most stylish, visually-stunning and exciting project to date, and we absolutely cannot wait to be able to tell the world all about it.

What they say

"The UKGF grant is absolutely game-changing for Size Five. It allows us to immediately expand out the company, and bring on new staff to help bring an unbelievable level of polish and finesse to the game.

"We're able to increase the scope of what we can achieve in the time we have available, and the next 12 months look super exciting as a result. Everyone here is so, so grateful to UKGF for what they've helped unlock. It's more than money, it represents opportunity and ambition, and that's priceless."

Dan Marshall