Tiny Rebel Games: New Petaverse Game

New Petaverse Game

The team behind Petaverse has built the next generation of the digital pet – to be brought with you across your digital life. They are in soft launch on their first iteration, built for cats. They are working on a brand new extension in collaboration with one of the most beloved brands of all time and anticipate soft launch by late 2014.

Petaverse is the IP of Tiny Rebel Games – the award winning developer founded by Susan Cummings (co-founder 2K Games) and Lee Cummings (formerly Rockstar Games producer). The 26 person team is fully remote with a team largely based in the UK.

Ever at the bleeding edge of technology, they were the winners of one of the 4 Innovate Audience of the Future demonstrator grants, partnering to create the award-winning AR game, Wallace & Gromit: Big Fix Up. They partnered on AR with Qualcomm and Meta. Prior to this, they are known for having created the highly successful mobile game, Doctor Who: Legacy and its sequel, Doctor Who Infinity.

What they say

"We are so excited to learn that we were awarded a UK Games Fund grant - this funding is critical to indie UK teams in the turmoil of the industry and could not come at a better time!"
Susan Cummings