Triangular Pixels: Unseen Diplomacy 2

Unseen Diplomacy 2

Become an elite agent in Unseen Diplomacy 2, a VR spy game and assult course where you’ll save the world through action, stealth, and espionage.

Your Mission: Turn your playspace into a real-life training ground: Run, crawl, and dodge through iconic locations – from volcanoes and office HQs to bustling Mediterranean cities. Develop your arsenal: Unlock and upgrade high-tech gadgets to outsmart your foes and access restricted areas. Lead your team: Manage agents to gather intel, prepare missions, and manipulate enemy security systems.

Unseen Diplomacy 2 adapts to you! Award-winning redirection technology adjusts to your playspace and abilities. Playable across all of your VR room, or standing and seated with comfortable locomotion options. It’s optional ehealth tracking lets you take your spy training and real life fitness to the next level.

Suit up, agent. The world needs you.

What they say

"We're immensely grateful for the incredible support that has allowed Unseen Diplomacy 2 to become a reality. As a British studio, it's particularly exciting to see the continued investment in our homegrown games industry."

"This funding fuels our passion to bring this innovative VR spy experience to life, and we can't wait to share more updates as development progresses. Soon, players everywhere will be able to step into their dream role and become a global spy in a truly immersive, 'holodeck-like' experience."

Katie Goode